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Executive Team:

Administrative Director – Michelle Shapiro

Morale Director – Brandon Hallowell

Recruitment Director - Sarah Shields

Dancer Relations Director – Erik Nylen

Finance Director – Kami Umbraugh

Hospitality Director – Kate Davis

Digital Media Director – Chris Daniele

Events Director – Katie Klootwyk

Membership Development Director – Nicole Sloan

Operations Director – Robi Chakravarty

Corporate Partnerships Director- Gregory Smith

Graphic Design Director- Austin Javellana 

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director is one third of the Marketing Cabinet, along with the Digital Media Director and the Graphic Design Director.  This Director serves as the visionary and strategic planner for the cabinet.  The Marketing Director will create marketing campaigns for events, as well as any other information that the organization needs presented to the public. The Marketing Director will be responsible for creating timelines for each campaign and ensure that each campaign remains within the budget allotted.  She/he will be responsible for pitching the media and creating press releases when necessary. The Marketing Director should be familiar with In-Design, Photoshop, Final Cut, or similar programs to create marketing materials.  The Marketing Director will work closely with all Executive Team Directors to ensure information is correctly and promptly distributed.  The Marketing Director, with the Marketing Cabinet, will be responsible for capturing and publicizing the Big Event.