Is there a fundraising minimum to participate in the Dance Marathon event?

Yes. The minimum to be a dancer and participate in all the fun activities at the DM is $150. There will be a check-in table before you enter the event, and if you haven’t raised the $150 you will not be allowed in. The Dance Marathon event is supposed to be a celebration of all the funds raised for New York City’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and for the kids. Therefore, only those that have raised the minimum can celebrate.

Can I bring the $150 to the check-in table at the event?

We encourage everyone to raise the funds prior to the event. We would like to keep as much fundraising as possible online. So, if you must reach your minimum the morning of the event we ask that you do it through donor drive. Please e-mail the Dancer Relations Director at with any further questions or concerns.

What is the difference between a dancer and a spirit dancer?

A dancer is someone who pledges to fundraise the $150 minimum and attend the event and
stand for the full 12 hours. A spirit dancer is someone who cannot attend the event, but would
still like to fundraise and contribute to the cause.

What is the difference between signing up as an individual dancer and signing up with a team?

All dancers will be split into 6 different color teams a few weeks before the DM. If dancers sign up as a team with their friends, families, or co-workers they will not be split up when assigned their color team. If you would rather sign up as an individual dancer, you will randomly be placed on a color team with other individual dancers and dancer teams.

Is there a maximum number of participants a team can have?

Yes, each team can have a maximum of 10 participants. As mentioned, if you sign up with a team you will not be separated when placed into an overall color for the Dance Marathon event. Capping each team at 10, ensures that each overall color team remains even.

What are the color teams for the DM?

All dancers will be placed on 6 color teams in order to compete in the DM color wars. There will be red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple teams. Activities leading up to the DM event and the activities at the DM will be worth points. Teams can earn points towards winning the Miracle Cup by winning games and exuding immense amounts of team spirit. This fosters a sense of community by engaging with strangers, and adds excitement and competition to all the games and activities.

What should I bring to the Dance Marathon event?

Not much-we will provide you most of what you need! You will be provided 3 meals and 4 snacks throughout the 12 hour event. You will be provided a free t-shirt with your team’s color, which you will wear throughout the event. You will also be provided with fun paraphernalia by your team’s Morale Captains! Make sure to wear comfortable sneakers and comfortable pants/shorts. Try to avoid bringing huge bags to the event, and try bringing a fanny pack to keep necessary items with you. Definitely get decked out in your team’s colors with sweat bands, beads, sunglasses, face paint, hats, and more! Spirit points will be awarded to those teams whose members go the extra mile! Contact the Dancer Relations Director at dan[email protected] with any further questions or concerns.

Do I have to dance the whole time?

No, you are not required to dance the whole time. There will be a line dance that the Morale Captains will teach and perform with all the dancers every hour. Other than that dancing isn’t many games and activities throughout the DM to occupy your time. This includes hanging out with our amazing miracle children and hearing their courageous and heartwarming stories.

What is the difference between a city-wide Dance Marathon and a Dance Marathon?

Dance Marathons have traditionally been collegiate philanthropic groups. The first one was
started in 1991 at Indiana University and since then has exploded all around the nation’s
colleges and universities. Three years ago, DM alums working in Chicago thought it would be
a great idea to start a city-wide Dance Marathon. The Chicago city-wide Dance Marathon was
not affiliated with any university or college and was open to anyone who wanted to volunteer
to participate. Since then, DM alums have gotten together to start city-wides in Atlanta and
D.C. New York City will be the nation’s 4th city-wide Dance Marathon, and like the others is
not affiliated with a college or university. Those who have experienced the pure bliss and
love of a DM want to continue to participate after graduation as more than alumni of their
school. DM alums all over the nation can agree that after graduating there is a void in life that
only a DM could fill. That is why the nation’s 4 city-wides got started. Once you become an
FTKer you are attached to the cause for life! City-wides have also gotten a great amount of
participation from those that were never previously involved with a DM. These people never
got to experience a DM as an undergraduate, but want to volunteer their time because they
feel connected to the cause. New York City’s Dance Marathon is open to anyone and everyone
that wants to participate, and most volunteers are young professionals with full time jobs. We
are determined to turn mere New Yorkers into more; we are determined to turn them into NYC