Dancers of Dance Marathons all across the nation are honored for their dedication and determination to the cause. They are treated with the upmost respect and many say they have the most fun in their efforts to help the kids. Being a dancer in a DM is an immense accomplishment and the patient families are eternally grateful for the devotion and support the dancers provide.

“Being a dancer was a unique, rewarding experience that taught me how to enjoy and appreciate
others while stepping out of my comfort zone in order to achieve something much bigger than myself.” -University of Florida

“Dancing for 46 hours in THON was probably one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences I have ever accomplished.  I thought it would be hard, but when I thought about the kids, remembering all they go through while battling cancer, I had the strength to keep fighting FTK!” -Penn State

“I’ve had aspirations to become an orthopedic surgeon for a number of years now, but dancing in DM at UF has been the single most influential experience to hone my goals further in wanting to become an orthopedic surgeon specializing in pediatric sports medicine, all thanks to the miracle children.” -University of Florida

Being a dancer for The Stand means:
Attending the DM in the Fall from 11am-11pm at a to be determined location
• pledging to stay on your feet for the 12 hour DM
• fundraising the minimum $150 to partake in the celebration-100% of these funds will go directly
to the hospital
• signing up to be on a team with all of your friends, or signing up as individual to meet others-regardless of how
you sign up you will be put on an overall color team a couple weeks before the event (teams will not be split up)
• wearing your free dancer t-shirt for the duration of the event, as well as sweatbands, fanny packs, tutus, crazy
shoes, high socks, face paint, beads and anything else you can find
• participating in Color Wars during the DM
• performing a unified line dance taught to you the day of once an hour
• eating 3 meals and several snacks provided to you at no cost
• listening to the patient families’ amazing stories of courage
• not being afraid to be a kid again
• having one of the most inspirational and greatest days of your life
• believing in miracles
• taking a stand against childhood illness, and taking a stand for those who can’t

**Please note, that those who sign up as teams can only have a maximum of 10 participants and registration overall will be capped at 300 dancers. Please also note that there are two dancer options: Dancer and Spirit Dancer. A dancer is someone who agrees to raise the minimum $150 and attend the Dance Marathon event on DATE TO COME. A Spirit Dancer is someone who cannot attend the DATE TO COME, but would still like to fundraise and donate to the cause.