Meet the 2013-2014 The Stand Executive Board!

We are a group of people who could be selfish, and could just say “someone else will take care of it”,  but we don’t.  We have stepped up and are taking charge of the situation-fighting to help kids with various illnesses. We are pioneers trying to do something no one has done before. We are breaking the mold, breaking through the glass ceiling, stamping our feet firmly in place, and we have no fear. We are the crescendo of a song, the running back taking down 5 guys before getting into the endzone, the last 30 seconds of your cardio workout where you want to give up but you push yourself even harder. We overcome, and not just overcome we succeed beyond anyone’s imagination.

Colette C. Forcier Executive Director [email protected]
Michelle Shapiro Administrative Director [email protected]
Sarah Shields Recruitment Director [email protected]
Katie Klootwyk Events Director [email protected]
Nicole Sloan Membership Development Overall [email protected]
Kate Davis Hospitality Director [email protected]
Brandon Hallowell Morale Director [email protected]
Erik Nylen Dancer Relations Director [email protected]
Kami Umbraugh Finance Director [email protected]
Robi Chakravarty Operations Overall [email protected]
Gregory Smith Corporate Partnerships Director [email protected]
Austin Javellana Dancer Relations Director [email protected]
Christopher Daniele Digital Media Director [email protected]